DA/DAOs reference

  1. Divisional acct regulations by CAG Dt 26-10-2016
  2. Senior Divisional Accounts Officers of lndian Audit &Accounts Department have been declared as Group ‘A’ Post as per AG (A&E)/PWC II/Genl. /2019-20/Date: 28/02/2020
  3. DA/DAOs can send leave and other applications directly to AG as per PWC II/ DA II, Dated 10/6/2019
  4. With effect from 01/10/2020 DA/DAOs are not eligible for additional charge allowance as per AG(A&E)TN/ PWC II/DA I/ Office Order No:185/ Dated:16/10/2020
  5. For previous period additional charge allowance eligible as per AG(A&E) TN/ PWC II/ DA II/ 2018-19/ Dated: 16/11/2018
  6. SrDAOs and DAOs Grade I are eligible for reimbursement of news paper charges upto Rs 500/- p.m as per AG (A&E)/ PWC II/ Genl./ 2019-20/ Dated 14.08.2019
  7. AG(A&E)/DA Corner
  8. Exam Study Materials