Powers of PWD Officials

  1. WRD Electrical Equipment Maintenance; G.O.Ms.No.575 PW(WR.I) Dept, Dated: 26.8.96
  2. Electrical Estimate By Civil Engineers; G.O.Ms.No. 304 Public Works (G2) Department, Dated: 10.10.2008
  3. Enhanced Estimate & Tender Power; G.O.Ms.No. 28 PW(G2) Dept, Dated 1.2.2012( Courtesy: Shri. P.S.Suresh, SrDAO)
  4. Tender power of Chief Engineers enhanced in G.O.(Ms) No. 32, PW(G2) Department Dated 31.01.2021 (Courtesy: Shri. Ram Prabu, SrDAO )
  5. On reorganization of Electrical Wing, Estimate and Tender Award power on Electrical Works of Civil Engineers  revised in G.O. (Ms) No: 16 PW (G2) Dept., Dated: 17.01.2018
  6. Enhanced petty cash payment powers in GO(Ms) No. 170 PW (G2) Dept dt 29.10.2019 Courtesy: Shri. Balasubramoniam, SrDAO
  7. Enhanced Estimate, Tender & purchase powers as per G.O.(Ms)No.159 (PW-G2) Dt 11.11.2021