Work Bills

  1. Engagement of Technical Assistant by Contractors
  2. SE’s Certificate in Final Bill
  3. Material testing EIC(B) letter dt 24-7-2019 (Courtesy Shri P S Suresh)
  4. Price Adjustment System
  5. Additional Items/ Quantity Approving Authority: G.O.(Ms) No.555 PW(G2) Dept, Dated: 17.11.1999
  6. The question of entrustment of additional quantity will not arise in K-2 contract, as per para 2.a of CE (Gl) circular No. Wks. II(2)/ 102681/ 74-2, Dated:30.10.1979
  7. Substituted items can be given to the main contractor, with the limitation relating to the passing of excess over finally sanctioned estimates by the officers of PWD, as per para 5(ii) of G.O.Ms.No. 3212 PWD, Dated: 13.12.1963
  8. Advertisement rates as per G.O.(D) No.132 செய்தி மற்றும் சுற்றுலா (விளம்பரம்)த்துறை, Dated: 12.9.2006
  9. Journalist welfare Board to be paid 1% of Advertisement Bill amount by deduction from the bill as per GO No:171 Tamil Development & Information Dept (Admin-4) Dated: 01/12/2021 & Government Letter No: 17606/Advt./2021 Dated: 23/03/2022. 
  10. Service Tax
  11. Bank guarantee shall be accepted as retension money as per para 2(1) of G.O.Ms.No.283 PW(G2) Dept., Dated: 21.5.99
  12. No security deposits for Public Sector Units as per G.O.Ms.No. 1344 Finance Dept., Dated: 27.9.78
  13. No final bills to be paid until further order as per FINANCE [Salaries] DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No.264, Dated 15th September 2017.
  14. Final bills can be paid as per the procedure described  in G.O.Ms.No.296 Finance (Salaries) Dept. Dated 9-10-2017
  15. Tax Deduction at Source
  16. Centage Charges