1. Tender Transparency Act( Courtesy: Sivakumar)
  2. Tender Rules ( Courtesy: Sivakumar)
  3. Tender Transparency Act Amendments
  4. Tender Transparency Rules Amendments
  5. Cancellation of contractor’s registration due to non participation: G.O.(Ms) No.555 PW(G2) Dept, Dated: 17.11.1999
  6. Percentage tender system: CE(Gl) Circular No: HDO(A)/ 65964/ 99.1, Dated: 2.12.99CE(Gl) circular No. HDO/ 42205/ 2000, Dated: 8.6.2005
  7. World Bank Aided Procurement procedure described in CDRRP letter No: EAP /3593 /2016 Dt 22.2.2019
  8. Period for calling Tenders: G.O.(Ms) No.555 PW(G2) Dept, Dated: 17.11.1999
  9. Period for issue of Tender Schedules: G.O.(Ms) No.555 PW(G2) Dept, Dated: 17.11.1999
  10. Procedure for mobilisation advance to contractors described in GO 1784 dt 8-12-1975 (Courtesy Shri P S Suresh)
  11. Rate of EMD: CE(Gl) circular No. HDO(A)/ 59685/ 2000-8/, Dated: 17.9.2001
  12. Additonal EMD for very low rates, class to be added in tender schedules: CE(Gl) Circular No: HDO(A)/ 65964/ 99.1, Dated: 2.12.99
  13. Additional EMD for very low rates: G.O.(Ms) No.555 PW(G2) Dept, Dated: 17.11.1999
  14. Non Acceptance of Bank Guarantee as EMD:G.O.(Ms) No.60 PW(G2) Dept, Dated: 14.3.2008
  15. Public Sector Units exempted from cost of tender schedules, EMD & Security Deposits as per G.O.Ms.No. 1344 Finance Dept., Dated: 27.9.78
  16. SSI Units exempted from EMD as detailed in Govt. letter No.10571/ DEVT.1/ 2001-12/ Small Industries Dept., Dated: 13.7.2004
  17. Tender Scrutiny Committee and their function in Circle and Division offices as in CE (Gl) circular No. HDO(A)/ 27506/ 98.2, Dated: 9.9.99
  18. Departmental tender scrutiny committee: CE(Gl) circular No. AEE/ T1/ AE1/ 40322/ 97, Dated: 27.8.2001
  19. Tendering power of PWD officials in G.O.Ms.No. 28 PW(G2) Dept, Dated 1.2.2012
  20. Revised tendering power on Electrical Works and combination of Civil & Electrical Works ordered in G.O. (Ms) No: 16 PW (G2) Dept., Dated: 17.01.2018
  21. Tender Award Commitee with power beyond departmental officials: G.O.(Ms) No.555 PW(G2) Dept, Dated: 17.11.1999
  22. Tender Award Committee in Fisheries Department: G.O.Ms.No.75 Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (FS-1) Dept, Dated: 16.5.2005
  23. For the purpose of deciding competent authority to accept tender, department value of work put to tender alone be considered, as per para 3 of G.O.Ms. No. 2750 PWD, Dated: 7.12.1983
  24. Bank guarantee shall be accepted as Security Deposit as per para 2(1) of G.O.Ms.No.283 PW(G2) Dept., Dated: 21.5.99
  25. EMD and Security Deposits for E Tendering described in FINANCE [Salaries] DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No.360, Dated 8th December 2017
  26. Additional Security Deposit: CE(Gl) circular No. HDO(A)/ 59685/ 2000-8/, Dated: 17.9.2001
  27. Agreement should be signed with in 15 days of receipt of tender acceptance order, as per para 6 of G.O.No. 499 Finance (Salaries) Department, Dated: 11.9.1998
  28. K-2 Agreement Form
  29. In the Supplemental Agreement, each items should be mentioned as Substituted or Additional item fairly contingent to the main work given to the contractor, drawing reference to item in original agreement, as per para 5(iii) of G.O.Ms.No. 3212 PWD, Dated: 13.12.1963
  30. Package Tender system & Accounting procedure described in G.O. (Ms) No: 17 PW(G2) Dept. Dt 15.2.2019 (Courtesy: Shri. N S L Ram Prabhu, SrDAO)
  31. Package Tender system cancelled in G.O.(Ms) No. 139 PW(G2) Dept. Dated: 27.9.21
  32. Tender procedure in Buildings Organisation as per EIC(B) Circular Dated 27.8.2019 (Courtesy: Shri R Balasubramoniam SrDAO)
  33. Revised procedure for execution of civil & electrical works in single agreement as per G.O. (Ms) No: 167 PW(G2) Dept Dated: 23 Nov 2021